Dental Technology Beaverton, OR

Dental Technology

Our staff at Prestige Family Dentistry is proud to offer the best state-of-the-art dental technology right here in our office in Beaverton, OR . We understand that the newest technology can make a huge difference and that is why we invest in advanced dental technology. We are committed to staying at the forefront of dental techniques.

We offer advanced and innovative procedures like dental implant restoration, Invisalign invisible braces, and much more. This allows us to provide you with the dental care that you are looking for and deserve.

Digital X-Rays Beaverton, OR

Digital X-Rays

X-Rays are used to examine the inside of your teeth. We are hoping to be able to catch any problems that we can’t see with the naked eye! Using radiology, we are able to see which teeth are developing cavities. We may also see some teeth or gum areas that may require some extra work.

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Axeos 2D/3D Imaging System Beaverton, OR

Axeos 2D/3D Imaging System

Axeos – the 3D/2D imaging system with a large volume and outstanding image quality for practices with a broad treatment offering. Developed together with dentists and clinicians, Axeos provides the fullest range of functions out of all Dentsply Sirona extraoral X-ray machines. In addition to excellent image quality and tailor-made 3D volume sizes, the dental imaging device is fully optimized for enhanced patient comfort. Axeos not only provides quality in performance and comfort, but also with its award winning design, thanks to the integrated bite block accessory cabinet and ambient light.
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