Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders can make every jaw motion pure misery — but, with the help of the dedicated and skilled team at Prestige Family Dentistry in the Beaverton area in Beaverton, Oregon, you can enjoy your life free from jaw pain at last. For the latest in innovative TMJ solutions, call the office, or use the online scheduler to book your appointment today.


What is TMJ?

TMJ disorders affect the temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw and also the muscles and other tissues that support jaw movement. Your jaw can’t move smoothly and painlessly unless the joints and all the support tissues are healthy and properly positioned.

In TMJ disorders, your joints, jaw muscles, or other jaw support tissues are unbalanced or damaged, due to injury, arthritis, teeth grinding, teeth misalignment, or other problems.

What are the symptoms of TMJ Disorders (TMD)?

TMD symptoms can include all of the following, although the intensity may vary from one sufferer to another.

  • Clicking or popping noise when moving your jaw
  • Pain when opening or closing your jaw
  • Ear pain
  • Pain when chewing
  • Dull ache in your lower face

Sometimes, those who suffer from TMJ Disorders may experience jaw lock, in which it’s impossible to open the jaws or use your jaws normally.

How are TMJ Disorders (TMD) diagnosed?

If you’re suffering from TMD symptoms, schedule an appointment at Prestige Family Dentistry for evaluation as soon as possible. Your dentist will examine your mouth and jaw in detail, observing jaw movement and checking for noises or irregularities. During this exam, your Prestige Family Dentistry dentist might also gently palpate your jaw to pinpoint where your TMJ pain originates.

How are TMJ disorders treated?

Prestige Family Dentistry offers both custom appliances and Botox injections for TMJ disorders.

TMJ Disorder Custom appliances

The TMJ treatment process is different for every patient. The team at Prestige Family Dentistry begins with a comprehensive exam to find the root cause of the problem. TMJ disorders can be addressed with a multidisciplinary approach and including other specialists on board to determine the proper treatment plan.

For the first three months,  Prestige Family Dentistry focuses on non-invasive techniques and functional oral appliances to reprogram and relax the jaw muscles. Once the TMJ symptoms are alleviated, the patient has the option to use the appliances for long-term, purposes transition into orthodontic treatment for long-term stability, or receive restorative treatment when needed.

These devices help prevent clicking or popping noises when you move your jaw and can also help relieve headaches connected to TMJ disorders.

Botox for TMJ

Botox calms muscle contractions, so it can be an excellent way to relieve TMJ jaw pain. One short series of Botox injections can give you from three to five months of jaw pain relief, headache relief, and reduced clicking or popping when you move your jaw.

The Prestige Family Dentistry team is here to help you find optimal TMJ relief through an appliance, Botox, or both.

Use online scheduling, or call the Prestige Family Dentistry office to make your appointment today.

*Botox for TMJ is off-label use, as it isn’t FDA-approved for TMJ treatment at this time.